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If you received a last minute invitation to a Halloween party and are beginning to freak out on what sort of costume to wear, why not try recreating the Corpse Bride look.

Based on Tim Burton’s 2005 animated fantasy movie - which is the story of Emily, who was killed and buried by her fiancé on her wedding day - the Corpse Bride is great DIY Halloween costume ideaand you won’t be spending a fortune on it, and the makeup and hair to go along with the costume is easily done, as you’ll see later on.

You can wear a long and dark tatty dress to be more ghoulish looking but if you want to be more in character, you can wear a used white bridal gown and tulle veil, that you can find in almost any thrift shop, because let’s face it, you really don’t want to be traipsing around on Halloween with your own designer gown that you’ve lovingly stored away, especially if you want to add horrible stains or some fake blood for the ghost bride look.

There are several ideas on how to do your Emily hairstyle.

Obviously you can buy a Corpse Bride wig in a costume store, but you can simply make your own long, stringy hair with white and blue yarn, and you’ll find various and easy tutorials on the web on how to do create your wig.

If you are a blonde, you'll want to have dark locks for this particular evening and you find temporary hair color sprays or dyes that wash out.

If your hair is already long and dark, you can try teasing it into a messy do and braid some parts of it and then sprinkle some white talcum powder over different areas.

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The makeup is probably the easiest part of the entire look to do and you can really exaggerate.

Since Emily has a white face with dark blue circles under her eyes you can use either pale white facial powder or face paint to coat your face with.

Add dark contour lines to the cheekbones and under the jaw line and around the eye socket to get a more skeletal look. Next up is shadowing your eyes with a very dark eyeshadow, preferably a dark blue to accent and deepen the eye socket to give it an undead appearance.

Add white eyeliner to the waterline and then with a black eyeliner draw a fake lower line to open up the eye even more, then add gobs of black mascara or better yet long false eyelashes and put on a dark burgundy lipstick only in the middle of your lips leaving out the corners to give it a bow shape in order complete the Corpse Bride look.

VIDEO: Halloween Makeup Tutorial: stretched 3D lips

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