Great hairstyles for round faces

So you have a full and rotund face and would like to know the best hairstyles for round faces. Round faces look sweet, young and fresh looking. It's like having a baby face with soft curves and feminine features. With the right cut, it's easy to add a layer of sophistication and glamour for a completely different look.

Styles and cuts

Here are some hairstyles for round faces we think you might like:

  • Sport long hair

Long hair diminishes the impression of a chubby face, so you might want a crop which starts at the lobes of your ear falling at shoulder length or even past them. Part the hair on the side to soften the features without accentuating the round shape of your face.

  • Layer the hair

Long hair is advisable for those who have round faces. Too much hair can also draw attention to the face and head so you might want a middle stance. Layering is a possibility. Start layers beyond the chin. Do waves with the hair using a curling iron or let your natural waves do their magic. The effect is fantastic.

  • Wear bangs

Bangs not only add a hip look, they also soften facial features. If you wish to add bangs to your hairstyle, do angled bangs instead of a blunt fringe.

  • Pixie cut

Okay, the pixie crop can also work on a round face. Make sure a pile of hair sits on top and layer around. Use your fingers to give it a tousled yet natural look.

  • Mid-length hair

Adele showed us how a round face can look amazing with mid-length hair. Volume of hair is piled at the cheeks where most of the roundness can be seen. Twist the edges with hot rollers or use a curling iron.

Your personal style

Just because you have a round face does not mean you are banished forever to one hairstyle. There are several hairstyles for round faces which look quite appealing, classy, and chic. You can even experiment with different styles and effects. The most important thing is you like the crop and believe you look good wearing your hair that way.

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