Hairstyles 2014 : best accessories and trends for women

What's the trend in hairstyles for women? From what we have seen on catwalks all over he world, the 2014 hair trend for her has one main feature: care-free.

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, after years of super straight, highly polished, finished and defined hairstyles, into an age of laid-back, tangled up, almost messy looks that, although may require long planning and preparation, shout out for casual lifestyle, comfort and self-confidence above all. Basically, it's all about looking relaxed and at ease with oneself.

Indeed, this spring's biggest trend is casual, fuss-free mermaid waves – better if looking a bit random and tousled! To reach that perfectly messy effect seen at Versace runaway show, you can create texture by plaiting your hair while still a little damp.

Also, you may want to add up some style by using real flowers or floral accessories: 2014 is set to be the year when you are allowed to go accessorise-crazy, so get creative with floral garlands, pretty headbands and scarves, even the old Alice band. Try it with your hair parted in the centre and a low pony tail, turning a bad hair day in a cool look.

Indeed, low pony tails are the other big thing in 2014: fashionable, super slick but at the same time relaxed. No pulling up, just firmly secure hair low at the ape of the neck, gently rocking the pony from side to side before securing it. This will loosen up the hair a little while keeping its shape. The result? A softer frame to your face and the care-free look we were aiming for.

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Again, also the up-does require that bit of random element in 2014, so maybe a few strands left loose and extra volume at the roots will add that softer touch. Feminine, comfortable and spot-on trendy.

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