Haircare advice - 5 simple tips to keep yours beautiful and healthy

Hair is the crowning beauty of a woman. Even men intrinsically crave for glossy and healthy. However, many times we routinely subject our hair to harmful styling products, straighteners, blow dryers and the sun that damage hair and rob it of its natural sheen and protective film. There are, however, simple haircare advice - 5 simple tips to be exact - you can easily apply to attain lustrous, silky, shiny, hair all year round.

Harecare tips

1. Nutrition

Healthy hair is indicative of beauty and overall wellbeing. It equals general good health. To attain it, you need to get enough nutrition from the foods you eat. Eat a well balanced diet rich in Omega 3, silica and proteins. Silica is found in green leafy vegetables, rice and oats. So, as much as you may not feel like it, eat your vegetables. Also, remember a fruit a day keeps the hairstylist away – at least away longer!

2. Exercise

Exercise ensures your body systems and mechanisms are in tip top shape. These systems control your overall body functions, including growth of hair. Drink enough water during your exercise routine and throughout out the day. Water is fantastic for the skin and hair. It helps skin become soft and supple and hair to grow longer and healthier.

3. Washing and cleansing

Wash your hair once every three days. It is not advisable to wash hair more often than this because hair starts to produce excess sebum. Sebum is what makes hair greasy. Wet your hair thoroughly under the shower and apply shampoo to cleanse it. Massage your hair and scalp with your hands and give the shampoo a little time to act. Rinse hair properly with clean water and finally dry it with a clean towel.

4. Haircare systems

It is vitally important that you use the right hair care system for your hair type. In other words, use the right shampoos, conditioners and other hair products for greasy, dry, coloured, sensitive and other types of hair. While you cannot choose your hair type which is generally determined by hereditary factors, you can choose the haircare products you use. Get haircare products that are proven to have benefits for your hair type. Ideally, choose hair products that are gentle on your skin, compatible with your scalp pH level and that soften and moisturise the capillary fibre in your hair.

5. Professional advice

Sometimes you may not know how to go about caring for your hair or be sure of the haircare products or regime to use. Don’t worry about it too much. If you are in doubt about something related to your hare, seek professional advice from your stylist. A professional stylist will be more than happy to analyse your hair and recommend the right hair products and treatment to bring the healthy shine to your hair. There you have it – 5 simple tips to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful all year round.

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