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Keep your locks shiny and healthy with Excite Beauty's ultimate guide to hair care. From hair care products to hair care treatments, salon pampering to DIY pampering, we have all the hair care advice you need.

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  • What does your hair say about you?

    What does your hair say about you?

    The way you style your hair can actually say a lot about your personality.

  • How to avoid and treat ingrown hairs

    How to avoid and treat ingrown hairs

    Having ingrown hair is no fun.

  • The best hair makeovers

    The best hair makeovers

    Changing the hair colour can alter the direction of a celebrity's career.

  • Oils for hair growth

    Oils for hair growth

    Your hair is your crowning glory. If it is damaged or you have issues, then it won't grow as it should. For healthy hair, you might want to check out some oils that are great at promoting growth.

  • Floral crowns for weddings

    Floral crowns for weddings

    Are you planning an upcoming wedding? Why not try using floral crowns? They are beautiful and give a different twist to your wedding outfit.

  • Minimalist tattoos for guys and women

    Minimalist tattoos for guys and women

    If you plan on getting inked, start small and take the minimalist approach. You can always go for bolder and bigger designs later on.

  • Hairstyles for selfies

    Hairstyles for selfies

    We doubt if there is anyone out there who has not taken or tried a selfie. Of course for a great selfie, everything must be perfect including having a fabulous hairstyle.

  • Best products for curly hair

    Best products for curly hair

    Curly hair like any other type of hair needs special products because it works differently. Whether you are naturally curly or have a perm, you need help for those days when your ringlets don't behave.

  • Tips on dying hair

    Tips on dying hair

    Dyeing your locks can alter your looks dramatically. Whether you are colouring your hair to give yourself a makeover or for grey coverage, we offer valuable tips to make the process fuss-free, enjoyable and effective.

  • Hairstyles for big forehead

    Hairstyles for big forehead

    We all know how frustrating it can be to find a hairstyle that can hide a big forehead. Banish those forehead blues away with these amazing hairstyles.

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