Different Ways You Can Use Hair Scraves

Warp the hair scarf around your forehead as a headband. Lay the scarf down and fold it over until it is approximately 1 to 2 inches thick, and then tie the scar behind your neck.

Wind the hair scar around a plain elastic hair band to cover it up. Wind it around the hair band two times, and tie it above or behind the neck.

Use a hair scarf to cover hair that is thinning due to premature balding. Lay the scarf down flat, and fold it diagonally in half in a triangle. Place the bottom part of the scarf against your hairline, and then tie the ends of the triangle behind your neck.

Use hair scraves to weave into braids to spruce them up. Lay the hair scarf down flat and fold into a 1-inch wide strip, and then place it across your head as you would a headband. Hold the scarf in place by using hair clips. Braid your hair into pigtails. Use the end of the scarf in place of the third strand of hair. Repeat this process using the scarf in place of every third strand of hair. When finished, secure the ends with hair bands.

Hair scarves can be very helpful to cover your head when you are having a bad hair day, or when you just don’t have time to wash your hair. They come in so many different styles you can surely find one to match whatever you are wearing that day. Hair scarves can be found at most clothing stores.

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