Hair removal cream reviews

If you’re thinking of easy ways to zap unwanted facial and body hair or just keep growth under control, take a look at several hair removal cream reviews. They will give you an idea what to buy the next time you are thinking of purchasing hair removal cream products for yourself or the family.


Hair removal creams have been around helping millions of consumers get rid of excessive hair growth. They are easy to use and deliver effective results. In places where the razor cannot go, hair removal creams get the job done for smoother limbs and skin. We go through a few of hair removal cream reviews to help us decide which ones are worth spending money on:

  • Nair Tough Hair Formula

Nair is a brand that specialises in hair, skin and nails. If you are not up for shaving or waxing, use this hair removal cream to clean up armpits or your bikini line. Nair is an ideal product for tough and coarse hairs. Use this cream for up to 15 minutes for best results. It costs £5.65.

  • Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream

Those with sensitive skin will find this product excellent for it is super gentle on the skin. It works in 5 minutes whacking those unwanted hair away. At £3.99, this product is an absolute steal considering that it also contains a shea butter formulation to moisturise skin. The only downside is the 'chemical' smell.

  • Veet Hair Removal Cream with Hydro‘Restor

This product has aloe vera as its main ingredient to soothe skin. It works quickly or in 3 minutes dissolving hair for softer and smoother legs. Buy this product from your chemist or stockist. Boots sell this for £4.48.

Another one to consider

There is also the Avon Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream which sells at £3.99 off Amazon. It is tough on stubborn hair yet gentle enough to be used on the face which has unsightly hair. Based on hair removal cream reviews for 2013, you can also go for minimising body moisturisers from Veet, Skin Doctors or Bliss. These products are great for inhibiting growth of hair follicles.

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