How To Use Hair Pins To Dress Up Your Do

You have a big date coming up Saturday night and your dress is picked out along with the perfect shoes and purse to match. But after spending hours in the bathroom trying updo after updo, you discover that bobby pins are just not doing their job. It may be time to learn why hair pins are the smart choice for updos and how to use decorative ones to your advantage.

Bobby Pins vs. Hair Pins

Before you can create the perfect updo, you have to learn the difference between bobby pins and hair pins and how to use them.

Bobby pins offer a different kind of hold. They slide straight in the hair and the ends are close together to grab hair.

Hair pins are u-shaped coming in various sizes. Some have serrated middles and grab the hair better to anchor it down so it stays in place. They slide at an angle either toward the front or in a downward fashion to anchor onto the hair.

How to use Hair Pins

The easiest way to learn how to use hair pins is to create a quick chignon. Put your hair into a ponytail and wrap the hair around the base as if you are making a bun.

•Take a long u-shaped hair pin with a bend in the middle for the best hold.•With the open end of the hair pin, insert it into a section of the bun and out again. •Then connect the hair pin to the hair on the scalp and push it in towards the bun to secure.•Repeat around the hair until your chignon is firmly in place.

Hair pins are perfect for pulling back loose strands of hair also. Using small hair pins will give a loose hold that is not tight against the head, like a bobby pin would do.

•Take a loose strand of hair and insert the hair pin through the strand.•Then connect the hair pin to the scalp and push it towards the front or at a downward angle towards the front.•Do not push the hair pin upwards, as the hair will fall right back out again.

When using hair pins, use a few decorative ones to secure the style and add sparkle and shine at the same time. Choose ones with embellishments at the end of the U-shape like pearls, flowers, or jewels.

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