Trendiest Hair Ornaments for Autumn

Summer is just about over and soon you will want to leave the ponytails on the beach and let your mane hang loose. But that doesn’t mean you have to put the hair ornaments away till next summer or a special event. The latest and trendiest hair ornaments for autumn this year offer everything from rock glam to bohemian chic. And, autumn is the perfect time to try a few of them out with your new autumn wardrobe.

Hair Bands

Headbands started out as a great summer accessory, but they have evolved into the perfect autumn hair ornaments. The latest in hair bands are big sheer flower blooms, flashy feathers, and peacock side feathers.

But don’t put away your strappy hair bands yet, just update the look with some bedazzled and glammed up ones to go with your sparkling clubbing dresses and your holiday gowns.

Hair Clips

Clips were perfect for keeping the hair off your face during the summer months. But for autumn, these hair ornaments are the perfect way to dress up a do and go with your favourite outfit.

The latest in hair clips news is the new materials and designs. Do you like flowers? Forget the big flower look and stick to a single flower in suede, silk, tulle, or rhinestones.

Feathers are not only accessorizing hair bands this year either. Feather clips are making the perfect hair ornaments for various styles. Pull your hair up into an elegant ponytail and adorn it with feathers or slip a cluster-feathered clip to the side of an updo for an unusual yet romantic touch.

Hair Combs

Hair combs are the perfect touch and accessory to any do. But this fall, look for the hair ornaments in rhinestone and metal designs.

Jewelled encrusted hair combs are the biggest sellers for autumn fashion. They can go from rock glam to sophisticated chic in minutes with just a simple change of style.


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