Hair Jewels: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Hair jewellery is nothing new. For thousands of years, nobles and wealthy members of society have worn some kind of precious gem or metal in their hair to show status and wealth. Thankfully, today you do not have to be a noble or a member of the royal family to enjoy hair jewels. Although you may not be able to afford diamonds and sapphires, coloured crystals, rhinestones and faux pearls look just as sophisticated and dazzling in the hair.

Different Ways to Wear Hair Jewels

Anyone that has ever seen Dancing on Ice has seen the gorgeous hairstyles decorated with hair jewels. Beautiful pearls and coloured gemstones in different designs highlight and accentuate the hairstyles in sophisticated ways.

You do not need a stylist to achieve the same allure, try one of these simple ideas for wearing hair jewels and sparkle!

Along the Hairline

Hair jewels along the hairline add an exotic touch to your look. They work with straight or wavy hair. Part your hair in the middle and choose hair jewels that will complement your skin tone and hair colour.

For example, if you have dark hair, choose red jewels to outline the hairline from the edge of one eye to the other leaving a space between each jewel. If you have light hair, choose something more sparkle or with a creative design to outline the hairline.

Accent an Up do

To add a chic touch to an up do, when doing your up do leave a few strands of hair loose at the base of the neck for the hair jewels. After you complete your hairdo, going from ear to ear in the back of the head, insert your hair jewels.

This looks best when you choose pearls or rhinestones and keep them close together rather than spaced apart for a unified backwards crown effect.

The Strand Effect

To really make a statement, attach hair jewels the whole way down one or several strands of hair to frame one side of the face. The strand effect looks exquisite when the hair is parted on the side and two or three strands of hair are adorned with glittery rhinestones or coloured crystals.

Sophisticated Chic

For a glamorous look for hair up or down, use hair jewels to custom-create your own hair band. Just insert the hair jewels across the crown of the head, right where you would place a hair band. You can place the hair jewels close together or with space in between each.


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