Natural hair growth remedies

The truth is some women are fortunate to have a full head of long hair, but that does not mean you cannot improve your own hair. The best way to get beautiful shiny results is by using hair growth remedies and improving your diet. Learn the secrets to beautiful, healthy hair through diet, essential oils, massage, moisturising and natural shampoos.

Natural hair growth remedies

Some of the best hair growth remedies can be found at the grocery store or health food store just around the corner. Of course, your diet plays an important part in the growth of healthy hair, but maintaining a healthy scalp is equally important. Try these suggestions for growing longer, healthier hair.

Diet for healthy hair

Use common sense and eat healthier to boost hair growth. Dull, brittle hair is often the result of a poor diet. Your hair reflects the health of your body and your daily diet.

Make sure you get plenty of proteins in your diet, which are the building blocks for healthy hair. Include yoghurt, fish and eggs in your diet for strength and hair growth.

Diets rich in minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits containing vitamins B and A are essential to healthy hair growth.

Massage for hair growth

By gently massaging your scalp for just a couple of minutes daily, you can stimulate blood flow going to your hair follicles to increase growth.

Natural shampoos

Using natural shampoos made with aloe vera helps to open blocked hair follicles on the scalp while balancing the pH levels. Mixing equal parts of coconut milk, aloe vera and wheat germ oil creates a natural cleansing shampoo for hair follicles.

Moisturising and essential oils stimulate hair growth

Two important hair growth remedies include moisturising and essential oils. Adding a drop of lavender essential oils and ylang ylang to 2 ounces of shampoo works to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth.

Moisturising your scalp using jojoba oil is a wonderful way to improve dry scalp conditions while moisturising and adding shine to your hair.

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