Decorative Hair Grips Are Gripping the UK

Hair grips were once designed not to be seen. Hair grips in the UK featured two simple prongs available in neutral colours to match natural shades of hair. Today's hair grips hold hair firmly in place with prongs that may appear to disappear into the hair, but many of these hair grips don't disappear entirely. Instead they call attention to themselves with decorations featured on the upper surfaces and ends of the grips. Although many of these decorations can complement hair colours, they can also be selected for the occasion, hairstyle or outfit of the wearer.

Hair grips are available in formal and casual styles. Grips appropriate for formal events and popular for bridal hairstyles include those featuring decorations made up of pearl beading or glittering gemstone beads. These decorative grips help stylists create polished looks by holding hair firmly in place. They also add appropriate decorative touches to these hairstyles. Practical and pretty, hair grips can also be appropriate for everyday wear. For example, grips featuring floral metallic designs or colourful fabric buttons on the tips can be used to add charm to everyday hairstyles. Other popular decorations for hair grips include plastic beading, ribbon details and charms with shapes such as butterflies, hearts and cupcakes.

The ease of using grips and the variety of decorations that top them make decorative hair grips in the UK a popular choice for accessorising. Women are using them to hold their hair in place or simply slipping them into their hair to add a subtle charm to their fashionable looks.

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