Dressing Up with hair flower accessories

Flower power is alive and thriving as this year’s hottest celebs show with their fabulous hair flower accessories. Ripping a page out of a wedding handbook, flowers have jumped from the traditional bridal up-do to more flirty, fun, and creative hairstyles today. Big flowers, small clusters, and single blooms are popping up everywhere and making hair look great. But the only reason that is possible is because those who are wearing hair flower accessories know how to do it right.

The Right Way to Wear Hair Flower Accessories

It does not matter how beautiful, unique or fun your flower accessory is, if it does not complement your look, it is out of place. Learning how to wear hair flower accessories right guarantees that you will be noticed in a good way.

Flowers look best in certain positions. If wearing your hair flower accessories in the front of the face, then make sure the piece is clipped lower than the eye. When wearing it with an up-do, keep it lower than the ear.

Flowers worn above the eye or too close to the top of the head not only look outdated, but they look too childlike and can overpower the face.

Don’t overcrowd your flowers. Mixing prints is one thing, but mixing blooms is another. Stick with one floral accessory at a time.

Choose hair flower accessories that complement the colour of your clothes, hair, eyes, or whatever you want to stand out. Keeping the flowers with the colour flow will allow you to play up other areas of your ensemble.

What to Wear with Hair Flower Accessories

Your outfit can make or break your hair flower accessories. If you wear a big floral piece and match it with a flamboyant outfit, the look is all over the place and there is no focal point.

Wearing floral prints and floral hair accessories can work, if you keep with the colour scheme and let the hair piece take the show. The best way to do this is to match your accessories to your hair flower accessories.

Wear a simple outfit and accessorise it with flower-designed shoes in a solid colour. For your purse, choose a solid coloured clutch or small handbag embellished with two or three flowers.


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