Hair extensions ireland - thinking of thick, luscious locks?

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Hair extensions Ireland is a very easy item to search for! As many girls decide not to commit to bonded extensions, there is a surge in popularity of micro ring extensions and the clip in version.

Hair extensions come in varying lengths and a huge range of coulours. Synthetic hair is a manufactured product and is not suitable for straightening or for any process that requires high heat as this can result in the hair actually melting or even expanding. Human hair extensions can be treated the same way as your own hair but there are products availalbe that claim to be 100% human hair but these are a mix that includes synthetic products so it's advisable to buy your extensions from a reputable stockist.

Remy hair is high grade human hair and that's why it's at the higher end of the price range. Many hair salons, or salon service providers, sell packets of Remy hair either with clips or just as a single weft for you to cut to size.

If you're going to invest in extensions that will last a few months, then micro ring extensions are a good option that won't damage your hair as much as the traditional glued in version. You can expect to pay anything from 200 euro upwards for a full head which is generally 200 strands of hair that matches your own.

Weaves cost considerably less, generally around 80 euro, but as this involves braiding your own hair very tightly and then sewing layers of extensions in to the braids, many women find that their own hair is brittle after this process.

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