Hair extension - it's glam in an instant!

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Hair extension is the one thing that is very simple to fake! There are ranges of clip in hair extensions, which are not harmful to your hair as long as you remove them before going to sleep, and these can be matched to your own hair colour and no one will know the difference!

The two types of hair extensions are made from either human hair or a synthetic, which is manufactured, hair. With the human hair extensions, you can dye, curl and straighten them exactly as you would your own hair but the synthetic type does not always work well with heat and can result in a frizzy mess or even melting. The really brightly coloured extensions, such as pinks, blues and greens are all made from synthetic hair as are the bright reds. Red can be bought in the human hair type but that does fade quite quickly but you can choose to colour it yourself.

Remy is a very well known brand for human hair extensions and you buy these online from various eBay stockists.  Remy hair starts at around £65 for a full head set, not including postage and packing,  but can go up to as much as £150 depending on the thickness and weight of the hair itself.

Human hair extensions will cost considerably more than the synthetic version but there are also different types of quality which will be reflective in the price. A full head of synthetic blonde extensions can be got for as little as £19.99 on eBay now, this is for a 7 piece set but for added thickness, it may be wise to order the two packs.

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