Hair dye your way to a new you: how a new colour inspires confidence

If you're bored with your hair and want a new look, a hair cut is great, but an entirely new hair colour is even better. Why not change those drab brown locks to a more vibrant red? Or too brassy blonde hair to a shiny, striking chestnut? A new hair colour will not only give you a completely new look, but will make you feel more confident too.

Hair Dye Your Way to a New You: How a New Hair Colour Inspires Confidence

Hair colour your way to better condition - When some people think about hair dye, they think it's going to dry or damage their hair. With today's myriad of smashing hair colour products, that's not remotely true. Dye your hair with henna to not only give it gorgeous highlights and a beautiful colour, but also to deep condition and improve your hair's texture. Or choose a hair product that's made from natural ingredients and guaranteed to be gentle on your hair.

Choose red hair dye for dark brown hair - If you have dark brown or black hair, a super way to add highlights and shine is to use a red hair dye. Your natural brown hair still stays the main colour but, where before it was flat and dull, now your hair will be glossy and show off its true gorgeous condition. By the time the first five people have commented how shiny your hair is, your confidence level will have gone up 100 percent.

Get rid of that dry, straw blonde look - If you've been bleaching your hair for years, chances are it's dull, dry and brittle and full of split ends. Get a good haircut then change your colour from brassy blonde to a warm light brown. Your hair will be in lovely condition and you'll suddenly be getting all the compliments you didn't when you were sporting a haystack on your head.

Dye your hair for a job interview - If you really want to feel confident for a job interview, get your hair dyed. Don't do it the day before, of course, but a week before is great. Choose a colour that's close to your own but one that will bring out the subtle shades of your hair and add a lovely gloss. You'll walk into that interview feeling like a million pounds, and looking like management material.

Lighten hair to look younger - As we age, we tend to lose self confidence as we feel faded and less pretty. A dark hair colour makes you look older, particularly if your hair has been dyed a dark colour to cover up grey. Use a lighter than normal shade of hair dye for a honey brown, soft red, or golden blonde colour and the minute you finish blowdrying those last strands of hair, you'll already feel 10 years younger.

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