How to use a hair dye remover

We all make mistakes and if for some reason, your new hair colour does not please you, use a hair dye remover. We tell you how to go about it to avoid damaging the natural colour of your hair as well as the best methods to use for effective results.


If for some reason, you absolutely detest the colour of your hair, don't reach for a bottle of bleach immediately. Bear in mind there are several methods to change hair colour such as using a hair dye remover. Note that you should opt for the least harmful methods to minimise possible damage on your mane.

A hair dye remover can be classified into two types – colour reducers and colour strippers. In contrast to bleach, hair dye removers reduce the ‘permanent colour’ on the hair without damaging the natural pigment of your hair. It will only work to remove the artificial colour.

Products vary in type and manufacturer instructions so be sure to follow the leaflet insert to the letter. Usually, you can use a hair dye remover 2 to 3 times to wash out the artificial colour. The product when mixed in the hair reverses the colouring process allowing the artificial pigment to be washed out.

  • How to use

1. Protect clothing and visible parts such as the neck to make sure your skin is not in contact with the products.

2. For safety purposes, do a strand test first on an invisible part of your hair to see how it looks like.

3. Follow instructions to wash off the colour on your hair.

4. Shampoo hair.

5. If you want to check if colour has been removed effectively, apply a ’10 volume developer on a strand of hair.' When the strand darkens, it is an indication for you to repeat the process. Repeat as needed, shampoo and towel dry your hair.

Other methods

Apart from using a hair dye remover, you can also opt for a high-lift blonde dye. Swimming in both the sea and swimming pool also lightens or fades hair colour. Bath salts are great for extracting excess colour and excellent in fading semi-permanent colour. If all else fails, you might have to resort to using bleach powder mixed with water.

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