Where to find stunning hair decorations for your wedding

You've been planning your 'big day' for months, down to the very last detail, so it's important to consider what hair decorations for your wedding you will be wearing. It will of course depend on the style and colour of the dress you've chosen and whether you want your hair to be simple and understated or to be glitzy and glamorous. It is worth taking into account where the wedding will be held - in a church, in a hotel, on a beach in an exotic country or in a marquee in the countryside. Is there a theme? All these elements will help you to decide on all the decorations for your wedding, including your hairstyle.

The different styles of wedding hair decorations

Weddings are big business and there is so much choice out there. So where can you find the perfect look for you? It depends on how much you have to spend. If you're on a tight budget then Accessorize is affordable yet it has a wide range of hair decorations suitable for brides-to-be. A 'crystal spray flower comb' costs only £12, and a 'bead and feather clip' in pale pink is £18.

If you want the natural and timeless look of real flowers without the hassle and expense of waiting until the morning of your wedding for them to be delivered, then an alternative is flower decorations. Accessorize has a 'large crinkle hair flower' in mink for only £10 and www.the-little-things-in-life.co.uk has a 'Claudia triple bridal hair flower' in ivory for £16.

The Little Things in Life is dedicated to hair decorations and accessories for weddings. Browsing the site makes you realise how much choice today's bride has - silver or gold, pearls or diamante crystals, flowers or feathers. They do of course sell tiaras, the ultimate bride look. Prices start from £25 and go up to £88.

Get the romantic look at www.flutterbyweddings.co.uk. The site is filled with butterfly, flower and sparkly hair decorations for your wedding. A 'mini dragonfly hairgrip' costs just £10. It is a very girlie look and would work well for a relaxed country-style wedding or a wedding abroad where simplicity is key. Whatever you choose for your hair, remember it's your day, so enjoy it.



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