Hair decorations can make a big difference to a hairstyle

Types of hair decorations

Fortunately for people who like to style their hair, there is a wide assortment of hair decorations available. Here are some:

  • Hair sticks and pins
  • Hair fascinators and adornments
  • Hanging hair decorations
  • Japanese kanzasahi

These are inclusive of hairbands, hair combs, clasps, clips and ties.

Japanese kanzashi is available in hanging form and in fanform. Fanform essentially refers to its curved design and is sold in either wood and plastic. Prices range from GBP10 to GBP25 per piece.

A hanging kanzashi accessory is made in plastic and metal (for the hanging component). Prices range from GBP30 to GBP60 per piece.

Hair styling ideas

Go to Hairdecoration.co.uk/hair-style-ideas.html for single and simple hair pin style, curved pin style, traditional Japanese style and twisted plait style.

Where to buy


Go to Hairdecoration.co.uk to purchase these items. Prices start from under GBP10 per piece. Average pricing is under between GBP10 and GBP20 per piece. The highest priced item is a hanging kanzashi, at GBP60 per piece, made of plastic and metal.

Custom ordering

You can also order custom made hair decorations, which don't generally cost more than what is in stock. A deposit however, may be required in order to purchase the necessary materials. The design images will later be sent to you for approval prior to your final payment and product delivery. Alterations may result in an extra charge.

Posting and packing

Postage and packing costs from GBP3.50 to GBP8.90. Orders outside UK are charged GBP9.50 for shipping.

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