Where to buy the best hair curling tongs

Hair curling tongs are great. They allow you to dramatically change your hairstyle at home without the help of a hairdresser or stylist. You can also buy special hair curling tongs sets that come with extra attachments that allow you to crimp or straighten your hair, depending on which attachment you use.

You can buy hair curling tongs from the following brands;

  • Toni and Guy
  • Babyliss
  • Mark Hill
  • Remington
  • Morphy Richards
  • Braun
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Umberto Giannini

These hair curling tongs range in cost from anywhere between £9.99 and £150.00, depending on their function and the material they are made of. Much like straighteners, hair curling tongs are now usually made of a ceramic material. This allows the tongs to heat up quicker and cool down just as fast when they are turned off. The better dispersal of heat should allow you to create better curls in your hair with less danger of burning and damaging the follicles.

You can buy hair curling tongs from the following stockists;

  • argos.co.uk
  • boots.com
  • ukhairdressers.com
  • justbeautifully.co.uk
  • hairtrader.co.uk
  • superdrug.com
  • haircurlingirons.org.uk

Some of these online stores also do their own brands of hair curling tongs. These are often cheaper than those of the established brands, but are made by companies that don't work solely with hair products. It is up to you where you choose to buy your hair curling tongs from.

You could also buy these items second hand from eBay, this will be cheaper than buying them brand new from a shop, but keep in mind that someone else has been using them on their hair previously. You're probably better off spending a few extra pennies on a brand new set.

Remember to use caution when using any hot implement close to your skin. Those curls won't look as good if they have to hide a big burn mark on your face.

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