Gorgeous hair colour trends in 2015

If you are fed up with your hair colour, then it is probably time to think about changing it. A new hair colour might just be the thing that can complete the new appearance you are trying to achieve. Take a look at fabulous hair colour trends in 2015. Something might catch your attention.

What to expect in 2015

There are probably tons of reasons why you want a different hair colour. Whatever your motivation or inspiration is, here are amazing hair colour trends in 2015:

  • Red hair

Who can forget Emma Watson’s flaming red hair? Next year will also see a lot of reds amongst women. It is a striking hue that is sure to attract a good deal of attention and easy to pair with a lot of outfits and accessories. Even Kate Middleton has wonderful reddish streaks on her hair. From deep to soft reds, you will find that this colour is going to grace many crowns next year.

  • Brown

Katie Holmes has a nice deep brown colour that complements her skin tone. Brown is another shade that will be popular next year. Chocolate browns, medium brown, mocha or variations of the colour are going to make any head look ravishing.

  • Gold

Blonde colours are here to stay and these hues are classic. If you desire to cast a cool tone on your crown, you can do so with wonderful shades of gold from platinum to silver. Highlights on your hair can also work as well if you have natural golden hair. For those seeking new looks, full bleach on or soft blond tones can work just as fine.


Hair colour trends for 2015 are going to have an impact on styles and outfits. Black is also another colour that you might see getting popular laden with streaks and highlights. If you want to be bold, you can also go for hot and vivid shades such as blue, burgundy and purple.

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