Hair color trends for Fall 2013

If you are thinking of changing your hair color, September might be the right time to do it.

If you’ve spent a long time at the beach, and your hair color may look a little brassy or faded, and your ends may be a little fried, because sun, salt or chlorine water are not hair friendly, especially if you forgot to protect it with sun screens or hats.

Now is the right time to for not only a new haircut but also time to check out the new hair colors that are trending for the 2013-2014 Fall and Winter season.

So what colors are in the upcoming Fall?

Obviously hair colors do not change as fast as fashion, but there are always new and exciting colors to experiment with, but this year it is warm, natural and classy looking colors that everyone is talking about.

Dark chocolate, chestnut shades get top grades especially if balayage dyed with dark honey or hazelnut brown highlights.

There’s also a new twist to ombré colored hair. Reversing the colors. Instead of dark roots and light on the bottom, this new twist features a darker color on the bottom and a much lighter one on top.

A rich dark mahogany is always great choice for brunettes and is a stand out color and perfect to make you and everyone around you feel warm.

Light brunette? Go for shades of blonde or soft chestnut as they are youthful, vibrant and bright.

Platinum continues to be one of the biggest colors this season, even if keeping hair this blonde is very high maintenance and doesn’t suit all types of skin tones.

Do blondes have more fun? The do if you add caramel or honey tones to your natural blonde hair.

For the upcoming season, black is still highly trendy. Whether charcoal black and bluish black, this shade is still sexy and mysterious.

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