The Simple Yet Indispensable Hair Clasp

The simple hair clasp can be a life saviour when you need a quick easy style or just need to get the hair out of your face. They hold the hair, dress it up, make hairstyling a breeze and are great in emergencies. Having the right hair clasps on hand guarantees that even a bad hair day is salvageable. That is why every woman needs these three essential hair clasps on hand at all times, to make life just a tad bit easier and stylish.

Essential Hair Clasp Number 1: The Claw

It does not matter whether your hair is long or short, having a few hair claws to choose from is essential. This perfect hair clasp is easy to use and is available in various sizes, colours and styles.

The claw is perfect for pulling the hair back around the house and creating a quick up do for the office or a night out. Mini and smaller claws are a hair clasp dream, perfect for pulling small strands of hair back and dressing up the hair in metallic and other colours to match the hairstyle.

Essential Hair Clasp Number 2: The Auto-Clasp Barrette

Barrettes are big this year with a slew of celebrities showing off their rhinestone or flower barrettes everywhere. But this simple hair clasp is an essential whether you are a celebrity or not.

The Scünci thick hair auto-claps barrette is a life saviour for those with thick hair. It holds more hair than regular auto-clasp barrettes and holds the style longer, without slipping.

To dress up the hair a bit when you pull it back, choose designer auto-clasp barrettes. Make sure you have at least a rhinestone, a jewelled, and a designer auto-clasp barrette on hand. They dress up a ponytail or an up do and hold the hair in place easily.

Essential Hair Clasp Number 3: The Beak Clip

Beak clips are the perfect hair ornament. They work as a hair clasp to hold small amounts of hair back whilst at the same time decorating the look.

Beak clips can be simple in an array of colours or adorned with flowers, butterflies, rhinestones, coloured crystals, or intricate designs. Slipping one or two of these into a finished hairdo puts you on the A-list quickly.


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