The Hair Bun Ring: An Underused Accessory

The hair bun ring is an accessory that encircles a bun decoratively. It is most often worn with formal hairstyles for special events. Hair bun rings decorated with pearl or gemstone beading or featuring floral and other designs add glamour to special event outfits. Hair bun rings with casual beading and designs are suitable for everyday wear. Other hair bun rings feature faux hair that can add volume to hair and help wearers create sophisticated or fun hairstyles.

Buns, or knots, create cool summer looks for wearers that can also be fashion forward. Different styles of buns are worn high, low, centred, off-centred, tight or loose. In half buns, the hair is worn partly up and partly down. Hair bun rings are available to suit any of these styles. Metallic and structured bun rings look like they belong with traditional buns, while fabric and less structured rings look best with casual, messy buns.

Bun rings made of faux hair can be used to create natural looks that blend seamlessly with real hair. Alternatively, faux hair rings with unnatural colours or textures can be used to create creative or funky looks.

The hair bun ring is not often seen on the streets, making it an eye-catching accessory when in use. There is certainly no need to limit the hair bun ring to formal styles. To take full advantage of the many options for buns and bunrings, why not pull hair into a bun and enclose it in a ring for everyday wear?

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