How to Wear a Hair Barrette like an Adult

You can have the right dress and perfect makeup but the only way to pull the look together is to have the right hair. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is the new adult-styled hair barrette. Long gone are the funny little cartoon character barrettes, today’s hair barrettes are stylish, glamorous, chic, fun and oh so trendy. In order to pull off a hair barrette you have wear it like an adult and with style.

The Flowery Hair Barrette

Forget the daisy barrettes you wore when you were five. Today, when it comes to a flower barrette, the bigger the better is the trend. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Judd and Keri Russell show how easy it is to wear flowers in the hair and look chic and elegant at the same time.

To wear a flowery hair barrette, go for a deep part and place the barrette behind the ear. This looks great on long flowing hair and upswept dos.

The Hair Bling Barrette

Hair needs a little bling every now and then, and the right hair barrette can do that. Just a small touch of shine is all it takes to add glam to a style.

To wear a hair barrette with bling, add volume to the crown with a half up/half down hairdo. Place the hair barrette close to the centre but tilted to the side.

The Oversized Hair Barrette

An oversized hair barrette takes accessorizing to a completely new level. Stella McCartney proved that the right swirl barrette adds sparkle and grace to an updo.

To wear an oversized hair barrette you need the right hairstyle and size. Try an oversized hair barrette that covers one side of the head in a design, not straight across, and pair it with an elegant updo.

The Finishing Touches Hair Barrette

Sometimes a hairstyle is just about perfect but is missing that one small thing that will give it the right finishing touch. Small barrettes like Pink’s starburst hair barrette are a lovely finishing touch to short styles like her or slicked back trends.

To wear a small finishing touch hair barrette choose something small but unique in rhinestones or another glittering gemstone. Place the barrette close to the hairline and slightly off to the side. Bring attention to the hair barrette by wearing matching drop earrings.


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