How to Wear a Hair Band like a Celebrity

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have noticed that more and more celebrities are sporting the hair band look. Sometimes it is a skinny little strappy hair band and other times the wide banded classic band. Well you can stop wondering if you can pull off a hair band because you can. Just try a few of the celebrities’ styles to tame your mane and give you a great new look in minutes.

Bohemian Chic

Follow the celeb that started it all, Peaches Geldof. She sports the bohemian chic look so effortlessly that one cannot help but want to mimic her.

The look is easy to achieve, just grab a strappy hair band and tie it around the forehead instead of above the hairline. This look is great with a hair band that is plain and simple or elaborately decorated to match the occasion.

Double or Tripled Banded

If one band looks so great, why wouldn’t two or three look smashing? That is what Danielle Lloyd and Drew Barrymore thought and proved how smashing it does look!

You have two options on wearing the double or triple banded hair band.

- One is bohemian chic style with a strappy hair band wrapped twice or thrice around forehead.

- The other is with a premade hair band for the top of the head designed with two or three skinny strap to add chic design.

Bouffant Wrap

Amy Winehouse may have left us, but her music and style live on. No one could sport a beehive like Miss Winehouse did, but you can mimic the pouf and wrap.

Do a bit of tease to the hair behind the bags and then tie a hair band around the head. Choose a light scarf that drapes in a smart way or choose a skinny hair band with sparkle, jewels, or gemstones.

Gossip Girl Style

Channel Blake and Leighton and grab a wide banded hair band for a classic look. To turn classic into trendy, leave some hair framing the face instead of pulling it all back into the band. Try a hair band with chic designs, like polka dots or plaids.

Lazy Days

Just want to pull your hair back into a sloppy bun or ponytail but give it a smart look? Grab a skinny hair band like Gwyneth Paltrow did and use it to hold back stray hairs and slick the front perfectly back with style.

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