Hair attachments are a fun way of immediately updating your look!

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Hair attachments are designed to give you the hair that you've always wanted without having to commit to a lengthy salon process. You can buy waist length pony tails in shops such as hairspray, which will give you an instant glaomour fix and will cost you around £50. You can also buy ballerina buns, top knots or even simple plaited hairbands which will totally transform your own hair in a matter of minutes.

Many celebrities have designed their own hair extensions and Jessica Simpson has a very easy to use, single extension, version that simply involves you clipping one layer under your own hair and then having a glamorous mane all of your own. If you were to buy these extensions in the shops you can expect to pay around £60 but eBay sellers often have the same products for a lot less but always check the postage costs as sometimes you're buying from different continents and that can drive the price right up. If you're shopping online, always protect yourself by only buying from reputable sellers and only use those that accept payment by paypal which means you can claim your money back should the product not arrive.

If you're on a budget and looking for something different, Penneys also have a range of synthetic hair extensions and you can buy plaited hairbands or hair covered scrunchies that you attach to your own ponytail. These start at only £1.50 for the hairbands which is very recession friendly and means that you can transform yourself every weekend!


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