The five hottest hair acessories

It can be difficult to find hair acessories that match your outfits and do not distract or detract from your hairstyle and the clothes you are wearing.

We have carefully selected five hair acessories which we believe will go with most if not all styles, and will give you that extra touch of elegance, completing your perfect looks on both formal and informal occasions.

  • Dolce headband. Made by hair accessory specialists Pas Comme les Moutons based in New York, this headband adds a hint of almost futuristic luxury with its clear gems and small silver studs. You can buy it online for $65 from the Pas Comme les Moutons catalogue at pascommelesmoutons.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/dolce
  • Butterfly Silk Scarf Bando. An elasticated wide printed silky bando, available in multiple colours, for some rustic chic. Available for a mere £10 from Accessorize. Buy online at accessorize.com.
  • Glitter Hummingbird Headpiece - turquoise. Bring some 1920s-style glamour to your hairstyle with this hummingbird-shaped headpiece, joined to an elasticated band which allows the bird to be placed in lots of different ways upon lots of different hairstyles. Reduced from £87 to £43.50 on fashionable London boutique Tatty Devine's website tattydevine.com..
  • Star diamanté-embellished headband. Designed by Matthew Williamson, this lavish and luxurious headband embelled with diamanté and pearlescent stones is perfect for those special occasions where you can really afford to dress up and show off. Buy it from net-a-porter.com for £395.
  • Flower vine headband. Pink fabric roses and green vines wrapped around a 7.5" wide wire frame. A timeless natural and composed look for a noticeably cheap price. Just £8.50 from Miss Selfridge at missselfridge.com.

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