Hair Accessories: Headbands for Fashionable Looks

Headbands aren't just headwear for pulling back hair to keep it out of your face at the gym or preventing sweat from getting in your eyes as you mow the lawn. Headbands can be worn as stylish accessories that fashionably complement outfits. As hair accessories, headbands are no longer designed simply to be useful. In fact, headbands can be purely decorative.

Popular hair decorations for special occasions include thin black headbands with glossy sheens, headbands decorated with pearls and headbands with glittering fabric. Wider headbands create more opportunities for designers to make use of fabulous prints as their fabrics of choice. Tiny white polka dots on brightly coloured backgrounds create fun casual looks for headbands, as do bold diagonal stripes in seasonal colours. Additional prints, including floral prints and modern geometric prints, are also popular fabric options for headbands as are solids. The various headbands on the market today can be combined with the appropriate hairstyles to help wearers to create the looks they desire.

Some hairstyles are best worn with certain hair accessories. Headbands are easy to wear with any style in which the hair is worn back and also complement hairstyles in which the hair is worn down. Fun, flirty headbands can add personality when worn with simple ponytails, whereas simple but expensive-looking headbands add sophistication to this hairstyle. Headbands with decorative gemstones are appropriate accompaniments to formal hairstyles that feature the hair pulled back and pinned decoratively. Headbands that hold back hair that is otherwise worn down can create a bit of structure for free-flowing hair. Headbands add a decorative quality to hairstyles that helps wearers create fashionable looks appropriate for various occasions.

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