Are you looking for hair accessories for a beehive?

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Hair accessories for the beehive hair style are back in demand. Originally de rigeur in the 1960s and associated with Bet Lynch from the Rovers Return, the beehive has become a definite trend for the 21st century thanks in part to the late Amy Winehouse who sported her trademark beehive on a daily basis.

The bouffant style with hair piled high on top of the head takes a trained hand to perfect and plenty of product and accessories to keep in place. Often considered to be a glamorous hair style, and one that generally is saved for special occasions, stylists employ the use of plenty of hair product such as mousse and volumising spray and pins to keep the hair in place.

The most important secret hair accessories for a beehive up do however are hair pieces. These are clip in pieces of (usually) artificial hair to give the style its volume and sturdiness. An alternative to this is a bump shaper which is quite literally a foam insert on a hair comb for the middle of the beehive and over which the hair is piled high. Both of these hair accessories for perfect beehive hairstyles are widely available from specialist shops and large pharmacies such as Boots as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

Neither accessory costs much making the beehive affordable to every pocket. The bump shaper retails from £2.50 and the hair piece starts at £3.50 although can cost as much as £150 or more if you want it to be made from real hair. It goes without saying that both of these hair accessories for a beehive are available in several shades designed to match the most common hair colours.

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