Make huge savings on the Hackett tweed jacket website

Tweed is a comeback this season thanks to the understated style of British Thespians such as the ever wonderful Colin Firth who has single handedly spearheaded the tweed revival thanks to his complete and utter domination of Hollywood in these past few years.

Despite the fact that tweed had gained something of a reputation for being bland and stuffy, more for pretentious toffs than regular people in the street, things are beginning to turn around as the most fashionable among us search for that smart, elegant look while retaining a sense of individuality.

If the tweed look is one that appeals to your taste then you needn't pay some of the, quite frankly, ridiculous prices being asked of you by some of the high street retailers trying to jump on the bandwagon in order to bring in some extra money to help salvage their ever decreasing profit margins.

Like with everything else these days, shopping on the internet is a one way ticket to massive savings, so make sure to conduct a thorough search of the web before you even consider buying in a bricks and mortar store.

The first place you need to look for your stylish Hackett tweed jacket is direct from the source at www.hackett.com. The Hackett site has everything for the sophisticated males among us, from polo and rugby shirts right through to formal wear and jackets, with huge discounts available for purchasing online.

The pick of the deals available on the Hackett site at the moment is undoubtedly the Tweed Check Chelsea jacket, product reference code M12115014, which is available now at a sale price of just £295, reduced from £450 for unbelievable savings. This stunning jacket is exclusive to the Hackett site, and boasts a wonderful blend of wool and cashmere with Italian woven lining.

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