Heritage troubles

Iconic American fashion brand Halston and even more iconic American fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker seemed to have a good thing going on when they appointed the star as president of Halston Heritage in January 2010. However it appears things are not quite so hunky dory these days, with rumours emerging that the Sex and the City actress has stepped down after falling out with the label’s senior executives.

SJP became the poster girl for the label’s studio 54-inspired diffusion line Halston Heritage, helping to run the label and wearing the gowns to major parties and red carpet events and generally singing the company’s praises from the roof tops. However things seem to have gone sour after label execs dismissed Halston Heritage CEO Bonnie Takhar, with many speculating that this has prompted Sarah Jessica Parker to walk away.

No official statement from Halston has been made about SJP’s departure, despite Vogue USA announcing the news 3 months ago in its Sarah Jessica Parker cover story. Further reports of financial difficulties within the label have seen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein withdraw his investment in the label. Sounds worryingly like a case of sink or swim but hopefully Halston will float to the top once more.

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