Gym Workouts and Common Mistakes Women Make

Gym workouts for women differ slightly from men, who tend to focus more on bulking up. If you've tried a variety of different workouts and seem to find no progress, you could be making common mistakes most women make before, after and during their work out. According to statistics, each of us makes at least one of these mistakes during their workouts.

Tongue and Situps

Although this sounds like a strange first tip, it's one of the most common mistakes made. Gym workouts for women usually focus on the stomach area and crunching those abs - so, one of the main exercises in the stomach crunch. However, when performing sit-up or stomach crunches, women tend to pull with their neck, as opposed to their stomach abs. Without using those abs, you're likely to find your stomach crunching routine ineffective. So, each time you perform a stomach crunch or sit-up, press your tongue into the roof of your mouth to discourage the use of your neck muscles.

Increase Your Weights

Most women tend to use the same weights in their gym workouts, but it's important to up your weights every two weeks or so. As long as you can perform at least 15 reps without tiring your body too much, you should keep increasing the weights you use. The muscles in the body build up resistance, so son enough the weights you use won't be effective for bulking.

Avoid Pre-Gym Snacks

If you're really hungry before the gym, try to eat foods that are easy to digest, such as bannanas. Avoid food high fibre which take longer to digest and will ultimately sap you of that much needed energy required for your workout.

Post-Gym Snacking

Most gym workouts for women focus on high energy, cardio activities that leave you sapped out of energy. Although it's not a bad idea to refuel after a workout session, most people will overestimate the amount of calories they've burnt and overindugled in a post-gym meal or snack. To avoid this, try to consume food with only 150 calories after your gym workout.

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