Gym Workouts for Men: Sharpen Your Abs in Three Steps

If you're working hard on your six pack but aren't seeing the results as quickly as you'd like, you'll love these tips below. These gym workouts for men concentrate on sharpening and toning existing abs, giving you shape and definition if you feel like you've hit a wall in your workouts.


Cardio, ab exercises and core gym workouts for men aren't always intended to maximase ab muscle build. To truly feel the burn and build strong abs, you need to rotate your exercises and perform more than one movement and add weights to your workout routine.

Simply working out your abs isn't enough - there needs to be some form of resistance for the abs to fight against. The most common method of providing this kind of resistance to your muscles is incorporating weights to your exercises and, if you find yourself becoming used to the weights after a week or two, increasing the intensity of the weights used.

To mix these two simple tips into your workout, we've listed a few exercises you can perform at the end of your gym workouts, specifically for men looking to sharpen and tone their ab muscles.

Weighted Decline Russian Twist

Set your bench to a 30 degrees decline and secure your feet and hold a weight of your choice at arms length. Bracing your core, twist 90 degrees to the side until your shoulders are fully turned and twist to the other side. Perform 30 reps of this exercise.

Decline Situp

Using the same bench setup as the Russian Twist, lie back holding a weight or weight plate behind your head. Tuck in your chin and perform an ab crunch with the same 30 reps.


Perform the push up position with your forearms on the floor. Raise your feet onto the bench behind you, or any other surface, to form a slight decline with your body. Keep a straight line a tight core and hold this position as long as possible.

How These Exercises Work

Most gym workouts for men consist of ab flexion, or crunches. However, this only allows your abs to perform one movement and exercise - eventually, your abs will become harder to improve due to your muscles becoming used to the movement. In these exercises, the focus is on the abs other main functions - rotating the torso, stablising positions and adding weights to force resistance on your muscles.

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