The Gucci hair style: creativity and class

There is one aspect of being the proud owner of a Gucci hair style: you will certainly stand out from the crowd, no matter what situation you are in. These are undoubtedly precision haircuts that are taken very seriously by the hairdressers. They ooze contemporary class and sophistication but also a great deal of fun.

What make a Gucci hair style so unique?

The House of Gucci may have commenced from humble beginnings at the tail end of the 19th century, but over the following decades it has grown into one of the world’s top brands. Specialising in clothing, jewellery, shoes, leather goods and watches, the attribute that all their items have in common is the superiority of their craftsmanship. Owning a Gucci product is a distinct aspiration, right across the globe.

Naturally enough, a Gucci hair style follows a similar pattern of desirability. It reflects that the person sporting it is proud of their status in life. Just as Gucci clothes lead the way in fashion trends, the hairstyles that accompany any model down the runways, from New York to Milan, are an important part of that brand recognition.

So if you decide to go for a Gucci hair style, what can you expect? First of all, it’s important to realise that quality doesn’t come cheap. But if you pay any attention to that adage about getting what you pay for, you’ll never be disappointed with a Gucci cut.

The styles are many and varied, with something to suit every taste, personality and occasion. Gucci styling epitomise style and verve, ranging from tumbling tresses to short and chic.

Gucci hair styles: from classic to hip

While Gucci hairstyles are often associated with a classic film star image, they can often encapsulate a tremendous sense of fun. Young males can have their hair gelled into trendy chops, or shaved right in and cut into leopard prints! Everyone from style icon David Beckham to chart-topping rap artists have gone under the Gucci scissors.

Gucci hair styles: always flexible

A Gucci hair style is as popular as ever because they are always moving with the times. Never content to rest on their laurels, the stylists look for new influences, or ways to blend traditional with modern. Back in the 1950s Gucci fashion took elements from much earlier, such as 1920s bobs, giving them an updated twist. Nowadays everything from punk rock to Flamenco dancing is likely to inspire a Gucci cut.

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