Top grooming tips for men over 40

Nowadays, being 40 or over isn't the middle-age death sentence it used to be. Once a signal you were over the hill, in the 21st century men over 40 are still thought of as cool, handsome and, yes, sexy. To make sure you're one of those older guys women still notice, follow these grooming tips, and you'll be noticed for decades more.

Moisturise - Only a few years ago, grooming tips for men over 40 would never include moisturiser. But, today, many men are spending almost as much money on skin care products as women. Buy a light moisturiser and use it on your face every morning right after you shave. Not only will it brighten your complexion and keep your skin soft and kissable, it will keep those wrinkles away.

Get a monthly haircut - It doesn't matter if you have long hair or a short business man's cut, getting a monthly haircut keeps your hair in beautiful condition, and you looking well-groomed and lovely. If you want to be really posh, ask your hairdresser for a deep-conditioning treatment, and you'll soon have women longing to run their fingers through your lovely locks.

Don't even think about a comb-over - If you're one of the millions of men going bald, do it gracefully. The worst thing any man can do is grow one side of their hair longer and then comb it over the top of their head in a desperate attempt to hide the bald spot. It doesn't work, and there isn't a woman in the world who thinks a comb-over makes a man look fit.

If you're going bald, cut your hair short and proudly display your bald spot. Or shave your head. It's better to look like Vin Diesel than Donald Trump.

Let it go grey -While some men look good with dyed hair, most don't. Besides, many women like grey hair and think men who have it are sexy. So give up the bottle of black hair dye number 2, and pretend you're Sean Connery. Look how many women idolise him and he's been grey for donkey's years.

Clip your nose hair - Most women have lost count of how many men they've seen with bits of hair sticking out of their nostrils. It's not attractive, it makes you look older and, if you have a cold or allergies, it can be downright disgusting. Make a habit of doing a nose check as part of your daily grooming, and no woman will ever again see you and think "Eeeeewwww".

A 10-minute daily grooming routine knocks years off

Of course, if you're the typical man you're already thinking, "Who has time?". That's why all of these grooming tips take no time at all, or just a few minutes a day. Time well spent when that special women in your life (or even anonymous ones on the street) looks at you with new love in her eyes.

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