Great hairstyles for christmas parties

Look the best this Christmas with quick to create to create lovely hairstyle. Find out in this short guide the best easy hairstyles for Christmas parties.
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An easy and very chic hairstyle, perfect for occasions like a Christmas party, is of course the chignon. In fact, the, in all its declinations, is one of the favourites party hairstyles for Christmas.

Perfectly classy and fitting the festive wardrobe, the slick chignon is the ideal complement to an elegant, well organised outfit. This very classy party hairstyle will emphasis facial features, highlighting the brow and eyebrows, revealing overall shape. Make sure the hair is finely combed back, then grab it at the nape of the neck, as if you were making a low ponytail. Once you hold the whole lot in one hand, twist it around as many times as required by the length. To boost the chic effect of this low chignon use some plush hair wax and glitter where required.

If you prefer a less buttoned up look, go for the effortlessly chic chignon which will carry some trademark imperfection, like thin strands dangling off the side of the face. Using plenty of gloss hairspray, gather all the hair style it up in a chignon on top of the head. Pull some strands out and let it go!

Are you wearing a romantic, country village outfit this Christmas? Then why not match it with a soft, lovely faux bob? This is an easy to create party hairstyle, perfect if your hair is fairly long and wavy. To achieve the sweet effect of a side parted faux bob, first of all part your hair in front and back section, then let the hair in the front gently loose, creating some texture. Now gather the back hair and loop it inward to create the faux bob, making sure you secure the loop with hidden bobby pins.

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