Grease fancy dress plus size - Grease is the word!

Grease fancy dress plus size can mean a wide variety of things. Are you channelling your inner Sandy or are you going to get your own Pink Ladies gang? Even slicking your hair back and donning a leather jacket has an authentic Grease feel to it!

The main theme of Grease centres around American High School students so a fancy dress outfit can be as simple as teaming a wide skirt with a think belt and ankle socks. If you're going for this look you could add an extra long ponytail extension for the wholesome look!

If you're thinking along the lines of The Pink Ladies, their main wardrobe staple was the ever present pink jacket with their name emblazoned across the back. A simple pink shirt can be customised with glitter or silver highlighted to achieve the same effect. Black three quarter length leggings and a neck scarf would complete that costume! The make up is quite simple, smokey eyes and red lipstick. Joke shops sell colourful wigs so add a pink one if you want to remind everyone of "Frenchie" and her infamous beauty school disaster!

Dressing up as Sandy requires more thought as she changes so drastically throughout the movie. If you're thinking of recreating the initial character then it's pastels and hairbands with minimal make up and discreet jewellery.

The Sandy who emerges at the end of the movie can be created with a little help from Primark who are currently stocking wet look leggings, platform shoes, cropped leather jackets and White t shirts or shirts! Bouffant hair along with strong makeup and chunky accessories will leave no one in any doubt as to who you're meant to be!

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