Grace sacked as X Factor stylist

Grace Woodward, the stylist on last year's X Factor created some memorable outfits for the contestants - who could forget Katie Waissel's 'Bewitched' scarecrow creation? - but she may have ruffled a few too many feather's as the stylist won't be returning this year. According to insiders, the reason for her axing is Simon Cowell. Yep, the TV overlord strikes again.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Simon wasn’t always a fan of Grace’s styling and they’ve decided to look for someone else. The feeling was they wanted more of a household name.' While a friend of Grace's told the paper, 'Grace had a wonderful time on The X Factor last year and knows better than anyone how Simon likes to keep everyone on their toes, the rumour mill is always turning. Her career is moving in many different directions and she is currently busy focusing on other TV and fashion projects, so exciting times all round.'

When asked by The Guardian last month whether she expected to join next season's X Factor, Grace was brutally honest, saying, 'I have no idea. Last year I was given two weeks' notice. X Factor was a nightmare. But an amazing nightmare. You are working with normal people, yet I've never heard so many people say to me, 'Erm, this dress isn't me.' I just say: 'You want to look like a pop star? Listen to me.''

It sounds like they might have finally stopped listening...

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