How to put on an amazing Gothic make up

Gothic make up has lately become mainstream because it is a versatile style allowing you freedom to experiment with different looks from a touch of the past to scary eerie. Gothic make up does not only connote a dark appearance and there are many types of look that can be created. You can do punk, romantic, cyber, vampire, or emo goth. The possibilities are endless with a lot of imagination. It’s also about personal tastes and styles, but we’ll show you how to achieve the Gothic look in a few, easy steps.

A 10-step tutorial

1. Before you apply Gothic make up, clean and dry your face throroughly. Prime it by using powder base. Go for powder or foundation 2-3 shades lighter than your usual skin tone. Apply the powder or foundation on both face and neck. Pay attention than you won’t look like a clown if you're using really light powder.

2. Prep the eye area as this is the focus of Gothic make up. Remember, make up also lasts longer when you use an eye base.

3. Use a black eyeliner pencil to define your eyes. Liquid eyeliner also works well and lasts longer. Apply a dark makeup preferably black starting at the creases and filling the area. Apply a second or even third coating if you want it dark. Use eye appliqué or get a palette of Gothic make up if you can’t decide which colours to choose.

4. Enhance your eyelashes with a mascara. However, there is nothing more hideous than clumps of black streaks, so it’s best to wait that it dries thoroughly if you’re intending to use a second coating. You can also put on false eyelashes for a dramatic look without the streaks or hassles.

5. Shape your eyebrows by removing stray hairs. Use an eyebrow pencil to darken brows. Do not mix colours, that is, don’t pick up a brown eyeliner when you’re already using black eye shadow powder or liner on your eyes.

6. Enhance your cheeks with a dark blush to give the appearance of sunken or hollow cheeks. You can also use none.

7. The lips are also important aspects of Gothic makeup. You can use blood red or black lipstick. It’s not really strict with these colours, but the aim is to get a dramatic effect.

8. Now for the killer part. Get that fantasy look and use creative shapes painted around your eyes, lids and face. You can get a crescent moon, stars, butterfly, or cobweb. Use blues, purples, greens, and even yellows.

9. Do the hair either with a fringe, frizz or with a neat chignon. Highlight them or put colours in streaks of hair for a little spunk.

10. Go for nose or face jewellery, whatever catches your fancy. If this is not your style, try adhesive rhinestones or glitter for lots of sparkle. They work fine, too.


The key to Gothic make up is to experiment with colours and brands. Although high end brands are supposed to be quality products, cheaper drug store cosmetics can achieve the same effect at lower costs on your budget. If in doubt, talk to friends or ask a beauty specialist. Read reviews on magazines and try samples at beauty counters. You can even participate at one of those free makeup sessions in department stores just to see how it feels and looks on your face.

Lastly, Gothic make up is not really a strict style, rather a free form of expression of art and creativity. While there are certain preferences to colours and forms, it's really how you feel about it and the look you want to create. If you are new at this, start with a little or don’t go overboard. As you find your style, everything will become second nature.

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