Golden Globe 2014 award show: all the hairstyles

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Some of the most beautiful, talented and envied women in the world presided the Golden Globe's awards show last Sunday in Beverly Hills. Most of them looked simply amazing, perfectly dressed and with that added extra touch that only the right hairstyles can secure.

The elegance and sobriety of the bun seemed to have conquered the heart of many a divas at this 71st edition of the Golden Globe awards show.

23 year-old Margot Robbie choose to tie back her blonde hair in a side parted low bun that revealed her beautiful face while gently covering the top of her ears.

Emma Watson on the other hand choose to whisk some hairs out to frame her face while the rest was parted to the side and pulled into a chignon. The result? Cute and sophisticated at the same time, in a manner we are use to associate to the 23 year-old British talent.

Zooey Deschanel, 33, broke the rules by pushing her bun playfully to one side, adorning it with a beautiful flower comb by Jennifer Behr.

Amongst the other styles, a special mention goes to Taylor Swift, 24, who looked fab and extremely classy with her curls arranged in retro waves.

Reese Witherspoon sported a bob haircut, her blonde straight hair slightly highlighted perfectly framing her feature blue ice.

Another haircut stood out as simply last Sunday, of course we are talking about Lupita Nyong'o and her blown-out fade haircut.

The 31 year-old Kenyan actress and filmmaker amazed the public and the press alike with her style on the night of her debut on the red carpet. Her supeshort hair exalted her gorgeous facial features, adding a cutting edge touch to the drama of her beautiful red gown and classy makeup.

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