Go Red: the trendiest shade for your hair!

Who would have thought that red could become the ultimate trendy and chic colour? Finally ginger people your time is nigh! Red has already conquered the heart of many celebrities and is the favourite hue on the catwalk, but is now set to be the coolest shade of 2013, so get ready for a radical change.

Here is a small guide to introduce you to the joys and sorrows of this beautiful colour, how to choose the best shade that works with your features and skin tone, and which haircuts best suit each shade.

First of all, if red is not your natural colour think twice before messing with your natural tone, as this shade is very intense, very hard to maintain, and also very difficult to remove, as it deeply penetrate the cuticles of the hair. There are many different shades of red, each of which might better suit a blonde with fairy skin than a brunette. It's important to know your features in order to have a good result, whether you are looking for a natural tone or a shocking one.

Most popular shades of red:

Fiery red: deep daring shade that won't certainly get you go unnoticed. This colour is very particular and not easy to pull off. It mostly suit girls with very regular features and fairy skin. This kind of red is quite difficult to maintain and to keep it bright and lively has to be retouched twice a month. If you like the colour but want a low maintenance style the ideal haircut for you is definitely short.

Copper red/ Auburn: classic, natural shade - as worn by actress Julianne Moore in the picture – is the ideal shade for fairy to medium skin tone, green to brown eyes. The haircuts that suits this delicate shade the most are medium to long, either straight or wavy styles are perfect. Copper highlights or auburn lowlights will add a vibrant, unique red tone to your natural hair colour, without making drastic changes.

Strawberry blonde or Light red: are particularly recommended for natural blondes or girls with a fairy complexion. Keep the length of the hair medium, curly, wavy or straight styles are fine, as long as they look natural.

Burgundy red, Mahogany, Violet red: perfect on girls with olive to dark complexion, this shade will complement dark eyes and illuminate and flatter your skin. If you have Mediterranean skin avoid any copper shade. Dark red can be worn with any haircuts, from long to very short, as it looks very natural and subtle.

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