Gleeful Vogue

The stars of Glee seem to have taken over popular culture in recent years, with their look and sound emulated by everyone from Cher Lloyd to Gwynnie. And now the cast of the hit show have been paid the highest compliment in fashion - they've posed for Vogue. In an interview accompanying the shoot, the Gleeful group explained their individual style, and how it differs from the characters that they play.

Chris revealed to Vogue, 'When Glee started, I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was. In no way was I a fashion person,' says Chris. 'I did all my shopping at my small-­town Target. Maybe if I dressed better I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in school.' Chris's co-star Kevin McHale is the biggest fashionista according to his friends. Chris told Vogue, 'Whenever Kevin sees me in an outfit, he feels the fabric and looks at the label, then goes and buys it.'

Lea admitted that her style is very different from that of her character, revealing that she's a big fan of Hollywood designer Oscar de la Renta. She said 'I would never wear a sweater with an animal face.' Ryan Murphey, the creator of Glee told the magazine that he wanted each character to have an individual look. He revealed, 'From the beginning, I asked the costume designer to give each of these kids an archetypal identity. We didn’t want them to look like generic mall kids. Now their looks are being copied.'

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