Glasto fashion round-up

So, Glastonbury is over for another year - or even two if rumours are to be believed - and we still can't get the vision of Wayne Rooney featuring in Halo out of our head. But the real story wasn't the mud, or, um, the man who died in the loos, but fashion. With Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevigne and Lily Allen, not to mention Beyonce herself attending, we had a masterclass in festival dressing. Unfortunately, the masterclass was a little on the safe side, with stars opting for a uniform of tiny cut-offs, trilbies and Hunters.

If you don't fancy the 'dressing by numbers' approach to festivals, then Vogue can help out. According to the style bible, fest dressing is simple,'...the abundance and versatility of shorts makes them a perennial festival staple. Wear with knee-high socks a la Wang, and a giant parka courtesy of Chloe, and you're done. The parka and playsuit combo worked well for Alexa at Coachella - a great trend testing ground to spot what worked en-field, and what didn't. Our verdict - floral, tribal and tie-dye prints - yes, lace body-con - no. Swimwear and combats - yes, underwear as outerwear - no.'

Got that people? You've got until Latitude to practise the look...

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