Glamour magazine tests out autumn's new look for hair

StyledLife exclusive: Out and about with Glamour magazine's Ally Pyle...

Now that the summer is over, it is no longer acceptable to be a beach blonde. When I went to the Daniel Hersheson salon to grill their top stylists on the trends for hair coming into autumn/winter, I got more than I bargained for.

Sibi, head colourist at the salon in Harvey Nichols, told me that I needed to have a style overhaul so, no sooner had she told me that bleach was out and soft, healthy hair was in, I was at the basin having the blonde stripped out of my hair. Feeling a little afraid, yet knowing that these are some of the best colourists in the world, I was excited about the change that was upon me.

As I sat there having different (softer) colours put into my now toffee-coloured hair, Sibi pointed out Aygness Deyn's hairdresser and explained that her change from white blonde to orange and then to brown during fashion week was down to him.

Sibi herself had coloured TV presenter Alexa Chung's hair the day before, deciding on subtle, honey highlights on her dark hair – hot for this season. Other trends are for minimalism, soft waves, centre partings and big fringes. If you are dressing up for a night out, '70s disco is the trend du jour – or '40s-inspired waves at the front of the hair. As would be expected of a world-class hair salon, the mantra at Daniel Hersheson is "there's no point unless it looks good" so my advice is to ban the bleach ladies.

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