Giorgio Armani 2013 Fall Nail Lacquer collection

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If you are looking for some very trendy nail polishes to be elegant and glamorously stylish this 2013 Fall and Winter season, look no farther than Giorgio Armani Beauty and their new Nail Lacquer collection, that was launched earlier this month.

The Giorgio Armani Autumn 2013 Nail Lacquer collection features eighteen brand new shades that range from light and iridescent to traditional colors.

All the shades are shiny, glossy and very easy to use, because the color can be applied to each nail thanks to a newly designed flat, wide brush that curves with your nail for a single stroke application, so there are no more problems with dripping, and those hated streaks and bubbles.

The polishes also contains an innovative transforming gel-fluid that turns into a hard crystal gel coat, that solidifies once it dries, so you need just one coat.

To ensure long-lasting color and shine, the polishes that have been inspired by car lacquer for their high gloss finish, contain two resins (epoxy and polyester) with a polymer crystal shine.

The color palette of the collection is stunningly beautiful and very complete, and you can find any color that fits your mood and style.

You’ll find three different categories to choose from: passionate red nuances to half-tone couture neutrals and also sophisticated, futuristic metallic blues.

Here’s the complete list of the 18 colors available in the Giorgio Armani 2013 Fall Nail Lacquer collection:

  • •700 Madre Perla
  • •701 Bleu d’Armani
  • •702 Kaleidoscope
  • •703 Leather wood
  • •704 Black Amethyst
  • •705 Petrol
  • •502 Scarlatoo
  • •503 Eccentrico
  • •301 Gio
  • •402 Teatro
  • •400 Four Hundred
  • •602 Night Viper
  • •100 Bianca
  • •101 Zero
  • •102 Second Skin
  • •103 Parma Greige
  • •104 Greige
  • •105 Taupe Greige

So if you are a nail polish addict you can find these lacquers being sold at 22 euros at all the best makeup counters.

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