Giles talks wedding dresses

Vice girls and robot dances aside, the wedding of Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy has become famous for one particular element; that Abbey's dress was bloomin' spectacular. And the dress was designed by everybody's favourite Brit designer, Giles Deacon. Giles spoke about the dress, and the inspiration behind the design, to Grazia magazine.

Giles told Grazia 'With Abbey's wedding dress, we wanted it to be effortless and she wanted a big skirt, which also had to be light. So there's a lot of work that goes into a piece like that to ensure it looks right - there's so much you don't see within the construction of it. That piece in particular took about two people six weeks to make. There's a lot of detail, a lot of handwork, and a lot of prep work. It's not just like you're making a jacket or a simple dress, it's a whole new piece so there's lots of new problems to solve within the process.'

On the subject of last-minute changes to Abbey's dress - she decided (shock horror) to ditch the lace panels on the gown, Giles said, 'We decided, getting closer to the day, that it looked nicer without it. That's the luxury of made-to-measure pieces, you have the freedom to change things and it's ultimately about what the client's happy with. My job is to ensure that she doesn't have to think about it – it fits perfectly, it looks great, it's not a worry so they can enjoy the day.'

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