Giant corkscrew in the sky

Imagine the sensation when you've had a few too many cocktails and the room just won't stop spinning? Now imagine that multiplied by a million, courtesy of the spinning skyscraper you live in.

That's right, the world's first ever spinning skyscraper is coming to Dubai. Created by Italian architect 'David Fisher', the creation will be the "the world's first ever building in motion." Whole floors will rotate gently, and pointlessly (?) around an immobile cement structure.

Tenants will be able to park their cars right outside their apartments, courtesy of giant lifts which ping them to their floor. There will be office space and a luxury hotel inside the structure. Fisher insists that the spinning will not cause inhabitants permanent motion sickness because it will move so slowly they won't notice, (a bit like the London eye, only more exciting.)

The spinning skyscraper ticks the green box too. Wind turbines will be attached to each apartment in a bid to utilise the natural wind power which ordinarily causes skyscapers so many problems.

Parts are already being made in factories in Italy and Fisher hopes to unveil his unlikely project no later than 2010. Apartment prices start at £3000 a square foot, meaning the very smallest 1,300 square foot apartment will still set customers back a mere £4 million.

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