Where to get great value GHDs straighteners

GHDs straighteners have become a cult product with hairdressers and fashion and beauty enthusiasts alike. However, GHDs hair straighteners can be quite pricey. Let's take a look at where to find great value GHDs to help you get the best deal on these must-have straightening irons.

Amazon (Amazon.co.uk) is a great place to go to get the best deals on hair and beauty products for UK delivery. You'll find some great offers on GHD hair straighteners at Amazon. Favourites include the GHD Deluxe Midnight Gift Set with Gold Classic Straightener and Deluxe Hair Dryer. This great gift set also features a pretty storage case and a gorgeous baroque style mirror, for the ultimate in styling chic. Priced at just £119.00 with free delivery in the UK, you can save an impressive £30.00 on the recommended retail price of the GHD Deluxe Midnight Gift Set when you buy from Amazon.co.uk.

HQ Hair (Hqhair.com) is one of the leading retailers of haircare products and styling tools, and is highly recommended by salon professionals. The site has a great range of GHD straighteners at affordable prices. Hot picks from HQ Hair include the GHD New Wave Limited Edition Straighteners, priced at £129.00. Inspired by the colour-blocking trend these superb straightening irons come packed in a cute little clutch bag. The rounded barrel on the New Wave Limited Edition Straighteners is ideal for creating waves and soft curls as well as for getting the traditional poker straight look.

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