Looking for great deals on GHD straighteners?

We all know how important it is to have beautiful, controllable hair. There can be absolutely no hiding the fact that your hair is among the very first things that people notice about you, so if you really want to make a great first impression you had better be sure that you can trust your hair not to misbehave at the worst possible moment, and what better way to do that than by picking up a set of GHD straighteners?

While many of us have no doubt bought at least one set over the past few years, they are still prohibitively expensive when it comes to buying them on the high street - at least for the mere motals among us. Fortunately there are some really great online alternatives to the extortionate prices we face in shops up and down the United Kingdom every day, if you know where to look.

We have spent the best part of the last week tracking down the very best deals from UK based websites for GHD straighteners, and we're glad to offer you the findings of our search in the hope that you can make some real savings on your next purchase.

The best price available was from TheFunkyGroup.co.uk who offer the gorgeous GHD Boho Chic Gift Set, which comes with a GHD Gold Series straightener as well as a stunning carry case inspired by bohemian 70s styles, for just £99.95 including next day delivery.

The next best price for the same gift set comes from the official GHD website, found at ghdhair.com, for £109.00 - quite a difference we're sure you'll agree, but with The Funk Group costing so little, we doubt you care about the next best price!

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